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There are Hookz™ hanging solutions for throughout your home – from the living room to the bedroom, the kitchen and more. Use Hookz™ brand hooks so that there is a place for everything and to ensure that everything has its place.


You’ll be hooked on Hookz™ storage solutions!

We all need places to store things, and it seems we never have enough space. We’re here to help. Once you get something sorted with a new hanging place, you will be then thinking of what else you can have stored safely in easy reach thanks to another Hookz™ product.


Where to buy

The range of Hookz™ hanging products are available to buy here now on this site with flat-rate shipping direct to your home.

Also available on Amazon AU and nationally at Bunnings Warehouse


Frequently asked

Here are some of our frequently asked questions.  If your question isn’t answered yet, you can ask us whatever you want to know.

Check the instructions and ensure the surface has been cleaned and dried as directed.

Check that it was initially attached correctly, check the weight allowances, check that the surface was clean and dry.

Yes, there are a couple of Hookz products suitable for use on glass surfaces, check out our Re-Usable range.

Yes, the removable Hookz product can be removed effectively without leaving marks or residue.

Temperature such as moisture and humidity can affect any adhesive product.

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