Learn About Hookz

Hookz™ provides a good quality comprehensive range of Hookz™ suited for all household & office needs, and to suit any décor.

Create extra hanging space and organise your home, office or garage with the Hookz™ brand of permanent and removable hanging and fixing solutions.

Hookz™ allows you to create extra hanging space with removable, screw-fix, over-door, over-drawer and re-usable hooks in a range of colours, materials and finishes, and hook-and-loop fastening spots and tape for even more options to tidy-up your home, office, school or workshop – anywhere you need more space and to be more organised.

Whether you are hanging towels, coats, bags, hats or pictures and frames, there is a Hookz™ hanging solution for you. Use Hookz™ brand hooks so that there is a place for everything and to ensure that everything has its place.

You’ll be hooked on Hookz™ storage solutions!

We all need places to store things, and it seems we never have enough space. We’re here to help. Once you get something sorted with a new hanging place, you will be then thinking of what else you can have stored safely in easy reach thanks to another Hookz™ product.

Take a look through our product range and see how we can help you throughout your home – from the living room to the bed room, the kitchen and more.